Five Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Go Into A Relationship (Pt 1)

questionsOften times we are in a hurry to ask people that profess their love for us pertinent questions before we accept or make a commitment to their proposal but, we often forget to ask ourselves some key questions that can determine the success or failure of the relationships we go into. Here are five questions you should ask yourself as a Single man/woman before you go into a relationship:

  1. Am I ready for a relationship? There is no point
    going into a relationship when you are not ready for one.
    You have to be psychologically, spiritually, physically and
    financially ready for it. This readiness is not a function of
    age. It is possible to be old enough to marry and lack the
    psychological maturity that is needed in marriage. If you go
    into a relationship or marriage prematurely, you will end up
    frustrating yourself and the person you are in a relationship
    with. Wait until you are ready before you stir up love.
    Relationships are not for the weak, selfish, impatient or
    faint-hearted; they are for people who are prepared and ready
    to go all the way. The Bible says in the book of Songs of
    Solomon 8:4: “…don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the
    time is ripe and you are ready.” Many singles have broken so
    many hearts and are themselves heartbroken because they
    got into something they were not prepared for. When you
    are ready for a relationship, you will be more committed and
    ready to handle the challenges that come along with it.

………to be continued

(c) A. A. Jones (Excerpt from book ”Single & Complete”)

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