Five Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Go Into A Relationship (Pt 2)



2. Am I ready to make a commitment to one person?

We live in an era where total commitment to one

relationship at a time is scarce. Many singles consciously go

into serious relationships with numerous people at the same

time. I strongly believe that if you cannot commit to one

relationship at a time as a single person, you may find it very

difficult to stay committed and faithful to one woman or

man when you eventually get married.

If you are thinking about starting a relationship, ask

yourself this important question before you go ahead; and if

your answer is “no”, then it is better for you wait until you

find the person you can love and stay committed to. Being

committed to more than one relationship at a time makes

you double-minded; it deprives you from fully investing and

benefiting from any of them. No wonder the Bible says in

James 1:8: “A double-minded man is unstable in all his


What separates the men from the boys when it comes to

relationships is that the men are ready to make a solid

commitment while the boys still play around in the world of

indecision. Wait until you are ready to make an unwavering

commitment to a relationship before you go into one.

3. Do I genuinely love this person? What is the point of

being in a relationship with someone you do not love? It is

totally useless! Going into a relationship without love is like

embarking on a long journey without petrol or diesel in your

car. Love in a relationship is like the fuel that keeps a car

moving. Unfortunately, so many relationships and marriages

today are running on empty!

A relationship without love will eventually become a

chore and it may end up in disaster. Don’t just start a

relationship because everyone around you is in one; you

cannot fake love. You will know if it is in your relationship

or not.

If your answer to the above question is “no” or “maybe”;

if you cannot answer the question confidently, then pause

and wait until you are 100 percent sure before you go into a


………to be continued

(c) A. A. Jones (Excerpt from book ”Single & Complete”)

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